Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards
Founder and CEO
Ventura Web Design & Marketing

Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Ventura Web Design & Marketing, a digital agency with over 20 years of experience helping small to medium sized businesses grow in-store and offline. With a specialization in E-commerce usability and conversion rate optimization, Kevin and his team have helped their clients generate more than $1 Billion in revenue. Early on, before anyone had ever heard of Amazon, Kevin founded an online bulletin board system, allowing local users to play games, email, chat, and more via their dialup modems. As the world wide web gained momentum, Kevin shifted his business to building websites, where he found his passion for retail. Wanting to take his own risks and experience what it's like to be a retailer, Kevin founded a luxury home goods store, which he later sold, allowing him to focus on his web design agency and its growing clientele. New merchants will feel comfortable with Kevin's sessions because he makes complex topics easy to understand and relatable to their daily tasks. Veteran e-commerce professionals will enjoy the references to "the good old days" of E-commerce, back when it was easy to win online. Kevin's main goal is for every attendee to take home a list of actionable ToDos that will help them grow quickly and profitably.

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