John Wood
John Wood
CEO & Founder
US Wellness Meats

John Wood is a fifth generation Missouri farmer. In the early 1990's, John and several other Midwest cattle farmers began exploring the possibilities of adopting regenerative farming practices to take advantage of a growing demand for sustainably raised food. Their pioneering vision led them on a path to literally transform the current market for healthier, pasture-raised meats, paleo, keto, and all‐natural, whole foods. John is the CEO & Founder of US Wellness Meats, the company that emerged from their efforts in the 1990's. In the nearly twenty years since its inception, US Wellness Meats has become one of the only vertically integrated companies in the industry. Customers know that the same farm families that raise their food also run the facility that packages the food and prepares it for shipping. That attention to quality begins in the soil and follows the food chain to the customer's plate. As John likes to say, consumers should “know their food and know their farmer”. US Wellness Meats has established its place alongside some of the biggest online players on the planet with quality products and service, along with a keen eye toward the future. John has always had an interest in the latest technological advancements and has incorporated many of these to improve reach and targeting. Artificial Intelligence is one such tool that caught his attention early on and is continuing to pay dividends for the company. By implementing the latest technologies and marketing strategies, John tapped into a burgeoning online marketplace with unlimited growth potential. The future looks bright for US Wellness Meats and the demand for sustainable food sources.

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