Akin Tosyali
Akin Tosyali
Director of Digital Marketing
Tiege Hanley

Akin Tosyali is a seasoned digital marketing executive with over 20 years of experience. He currently leads digital marketing for Tiege.com, one of the hottest startups in Chicago. He is responsible of PPC, Programmatic, Email, Social, Affiliate and SEO. Tiege Hanley is Uncomplicated Skin Care for Men. We are a subscription-based skin care company. We found a legitimate need in men’s skin care and developed a real solution for those confused by it. Our products are as straightforward as our company.  Previous to Tiege Hanley, Akin led digital marketing team for Grainger, 10th largest etailer in the U.S.. Akin is believer in continuous improvement in customer experience. He is also a fan of building tree houses, zip-lines, and X-wing Starfighters with his kids.

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