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13th Annual IRCE Conference to Feature Educational and Inspiring Keynote Presentations by Top Leaders in the eCommerce Industry

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CHICAGO, IL (April 7, 2017) – The 13th annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), the world’s largest and most well-­known e-­commerce event, will feature four educational and inspiring Main Stage presentations by thought leaders in the e-­commerce world. The keynote programming will provide attendees with a comprehensive educational experience, highlighting timely topics including Experiential Retail, Online Do’s and Don’ts, Customer Connection, and Personalization Strategies.

The Main Stage Speakers headlining this year’s event include Mary Beth Laughton, Senior Vice President, Digital, Sephora, Barbara Corcoran, Shark Investor, “Shark Tank”, George Hanson, Vice President North America E-­Commerce and Brand House Stores for Under Armour, and Miki Racine Berardelli, Chief Executive Officer, Kidbox.

Wednesday, June 7

How Sephora Uses Mobile to Deliver Experiential Retail
Speaker: Mary Beth Laughton, Senior Vice President, Digital, Sephora
Mobile is Sephora’s fastest-­growing channel with the vast majority of its traffic coming from smartphones. Its app is also a go-­to companion for the retailer’s store customers. Sephora achieved this by leveraging the power of mobile to deliver an immersive retail experience– that goes beyond mobile commerce and empowers shoppers to learn, be inspired and play. Through app-­exclusive content, virtual makeup try-­on, augmented reality, digital assistants for in-­store services and a vibrant online beauty community, Sephora is redefining the role of mobile in omnichannel shopping. In this talk, learn how to harness the power of mobile to drive
differentiation and customer engagement across all channels.

“I look forward to speaking at IRCE to share how Sephora is redefining experiential retailing through the use of mobile,” said Mary Beth Laughton. “This forum encourages an open discussion on best practices that enables us all to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

Smarts Are Overrated-­Take the Plunge
Speaker: Barbara Corcoran, Shark Investor, “Shark Tank” TV Series
“Get over yourself.” In her trademark words of wisdom for every online entrepreneur, IRCE 2017 Special Guest speaker Barbara Corcoran will reveal how too much risk aversion can breed over-­analysis and paralysis. Through long experience, the eminently successful “Shark Tank” investor and TV personality has come to prize perseverance when choosing which entrepreneurs deserve her financial backing. In her address, she’ll offer proof positive that for the determined online business owner, fear, rejection and failure are not simply setbacks, but also the seeds of creativity and innovation. Through her own travails and those of entrepreneurs
she mentors via the hit ABC TV series, Corcoran will show how to chase change, be loose, have fun and capitalize on mistakes to forge new paths to success that might not be discovered any other way. Hear about unique strategies that her startups are deploying online and how they rebounded from the seemingly impossible, and benefit from an expert’s insight on new thinking to mine today’s online business slip-­ups for tomorrow’s scores.

“I am excited about being a guest speaker at the upcoming Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2017 event,” said Barbara Corcoran. “I can’t wait to share my thoughts on how fear, rejection and failure are not setbacks, but the seeds of creativity and innovation. I will share how to chase change, have fun and capitalize on mistakes to bring you to SUCCESS.”

Thursday, June 8

Mobile, Performance + Wearables: Under Armour takes ‘Customer Connection’ to a Whole New Level
Speaker: George Hanson, Vice President, North America E-­Commerce and Brand House Stores, Under Armour
With $377.5 million in online sales in 2015, Under Armour is on fire in e-­commerce. The maker of performance apparel and footwear is aligning consumers’ increasing use of mobile with technology that monitors fitness activity and performance online in a new strategy—one that has lessons for any online retailers eager to invent new paths to success. UA’s Connected Fitness initiative lets consumers connect personal trackers like Fitbit or heart rate monitors to the UA Record app for feedback on activity. UA also is developing wearable technology for embedding into clothing, such as its just-­launched Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, with TB12 technology that absorbs the energy of body heat and reflects it back to the wearer’s skin to speed recovery and promote better sleep—all trackable through the app. Similarly, UA’s next-­generation smart shoes don't just track performance, but help coach wearers in increasing their level of intensity. UA’s approach is an example of how forward-­thinking retailers can blend trends in consumer behavior with the practical application of technology in entirely new offerings that customers are sure to embrace. Let this inspiring Day 2 Keynote presentation spark ideas on the possibilities for innovation in your own business.

“I’m excited to join IRCE this year to share some of the athlete focused innovation we’re working on to make all athletes better,” said George Hanson. “Looking forward to both sharing and learning as IRCE brings some of the best e-­commerce leaders from around the world together to continue to move digital commerce forward to serve customers better.”

How Art and Science Blend for Personal Best
Speaker: Miki Racince Berardelli, Chief Executive Officer, Kidbox
E-­commerce has never been as personalized as it is today, and Kidbox takes that to a whole new level: Giving shoppers what they want – before they know what that is. Using machine learning algorithms, Kidbox creates a mix of apparel pieces for shoppers based on personal style preferences. Each transaction, particularly returns, sharpens algorithms to ensure the next shipment contains items that are even more on-­target with a shopper’s style -­-­ trending favorites and a sneak peek at new brands. Retailers of all types will benefit from understanding
the latest personalization strategies and how to leverage structured and unstructured data to show shoppers “We get you.” IRCE 2017’s Featured Speaker will also share how her career journey from top design houses to mainstream to startup shape her vision for an e-­retail company that blends art and science. Our speaker will show how incorporating a cause close to her heart -­-­ a mission to clothe children in need – helps Kidbox bond with shoppers in a partnership that’s increasing conversion and loyalty.

“I’m thrilled to be part of IRCE this year and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career, from top design houses to mainstream start-­ups, during my presentation on How Art and Science Blend for Personal Best," said Miki Racine Berardelli. “Part of staying at my 'personal best' involves networking with other e-­commerce executives. I'm looking forward to learning from some of the biggest brands in our industry at IRCE.”

Registration is now open by visiting, Conference tickets include entry into the exhibit hall, lunch for each day registered, and cocktail receptions on the exhibit floor. Show hours are: Tuesday 8 am – 6:30 pm; Wednesday 8 am – 6:30 p.m.; Thursday 8 am – 5 pm.; Friday 8 am – 1:30 pm.

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