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5 Can’t-Miss Speakers at IRCE 2019

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IRCE is your one-stop shop for everything retail. With over 600 solution and technology vendors in attendance, IRCE is the perfect place to discover new ideas and exciting solutions. Whether you’re looking for smarter multichannel e-com management, an on-demand content on-demand content team, or anything in between -- the exhibition hall is sure to have it!  

Vendors aren’t the only resource for retail and e-commerce wisdom at IRCE 2019, however. With speakers from industries of all sorts, you will be hard pressed to not find inspiration around every corner. Here are five things you’ll learn from speakers at IRCE this year, and how they can help you improve your business.

1. Retail in a Post-Digital World

President and founder of Retail Prophet Doug Stephens, considered an authority amongst retail industry futurists, and author of many perceptive books concerning consumerism and current market trends, will be speaking at this year’s IRCE. Stephens has influenced the leaders of such international brands as Walmart, Google, Disney, Citibank, and Intel. With his unique perspective on retail and the ever-changing e-commerce landscape, Doug Stephens is a regularly speaks at prominent events all over the world.

With brick-and-mortar stores closing around us constantly, a new age of retail and commerce has emerged. Doug Stephens will provide insight into the ever-changing retail and commerce industry, focusing specifically on the topic of post-digital world e-commerce.

2. Everything You Need to Know About Microservices

Brendan Gualdoni, VP of Enterprise Architecture, Commerce, and Integration at EXPRESS, will speak to convention goers about microservices (often known as headless commerce), a hotly debated software development method that allows for more creativity and customization than the ecommerce platforms of the past. At EXPRESS, he works diligently to integrate technology and fashion in ways that are accessible to all customers.

At IRCE, Gualdoni will discuss the benefits and responsibilities that come with headless commerce and how businesses of all sizes can use it efficiently to meet their specific needs. He will offer some concrete examples of microservices at work today and even tackle what businesses should do if this method is not the most suitable for success. Gualdoni is a promising pioneer in the world of e-commerce, so his presentation is definitely one to fit into your schedule.

3. Insight from Retail Giants

Andy Dunn, SVP of Digital Consumer Brands at Walmart, will share his experience overseeing top brands like Bonobos, Modcloth, ELOQUII, and of course Walmart. Andy Dunn jumped into the world of retail by founding the menswear company Bonobos in 2007 which he oversaw for over a decade. In 2017, Bonobos was acquired by Walmart, giving Andy Dunn the chance to expand his retail reach.

Dunn has experienced firsthand the power of digital branding and ecommerce. With digital brands growing at triple the rate of e-commerce overall, Dunn believes part of the key to this success is the presence of brick-and-mortar stores. Learn more about how digital direct-to-consumer brands are changing the retail game, and find out how Dunn has gained such success working with brands like Walmart and Bonobos.

4. Putting the Customer First is the Key to Success

A graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Business School, Susan Tynan began her career as management, technology, and customer service advisor to the Obama administration. After being overcharged for simple poster framing, Susan Tynan had the brilliant idea to create her own custom framing company. Framebridge offers affordable, high-quality, easy framing to the average consumer. Since 2014, Framebridge has been serving customers and giving Susan Tynan the chance to raise over $67M.

Tynan will share her secret to success: putting the customer first. By keeping company focus on consumer need, Tynan has been able to expand Framework into the massive framing resource it is today. Tynan will also share lessons and insight gained as the leader of a high-growth startup, and share how she handled the pressure and work involved in market expansion.

5. Intergenerational Wisdom

Chip Conley has long been a leader in the hospitality industry. At the ripe young age of 26, Conley founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality, building one inner-city motel into the second largest boutique hotel in the country. Shortly after selling the company he had run for 24 years, the young founders of Airbnb requested his help. Airbnb has quickly grown into one of the leaders in home sharing and hospitality, a success that Chip Conley attributes partly to intergenerational sharing. Conley will discuss how the combining of wisdom from a diverse set of individuals is the key to creating a successful business.