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Exhibitor Spotlight at IRCE 2019

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Welcome to the Internet Retail Commerce Exhibition, where you can interact with fascinating, innovative people and make meaningful connections at the same time. At this Chicago conference, you can sit in on over 130 different sessions. Your experience is totally customizable; you can gain the exact knowledge that you’re looking for, while meeting peers who share your passion for what you do.

Internet trends and online business are constantly changing, and keeping in touch with the innovators leading those changes is the best way to make sure your business stays relevant in the online world. Join us on June 25 to meet experts who can address the questions you might have and help you network in your chosen field. You’ll discover dozens of exciting companies and organizations, including the handful listed here!

Ople - Booth 547

Meet Ople at booth 547 to learn how you can harness the power of artificial intelligence now. This California-based company has developed software that models the intuition of the world’s elite data scientists, empowering data scientists further and enabling subject matter experts to develop and deploy A.I. models with just a few clicks in minutes. As we’ve seen, the data is the key to success, and A.I. is the technology that will uncover hidden insights. The people at Ople aim to make artificial intelligence easy and simple for anyone to use. 

G2 - Booth 2249

WIth over 3 million users per month and extensive experience, this Chicago-based company can help you revolutionize your B2B strategies. By working with them, you’ll learn how to discover, buy, and manage technology services. Moreover, G2’s programs can help you make objective assessments as to what decisions will be best for your company. When you’re using hard, computerized data rather than struggling with inherently biased or hard-to-understand results, your company’s potential increases. With G2, you can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that naturally comes from making important business decisions. Stop by booth 2249 to benefit from their expertise.

Empowery E-Commerce Co-op - Booth 1671

The internet exists to share ideas, information, and products between people around the world. At booth 1671, you can meet with the Empowery Co-op, which work diligently to make those connections even easier. Empowery is committed to the idea that we can do more together than alone, particularly when it comes to e-commerce. Empowery can offer you access to a network of professionals with the same online goals as you, and provide you a way to bounce your ideas off your peers as you improve and develop them. When you work with them, you’re working with the first co-op that’s dedicated to e-commerce. Meet with them to learn more about how you can expand your professional network and invest in your own success!

XSpace - Booth 647

Hailing from Normal, Illinois, this content-creation platform is anything but ordinary. With exceptional software, XSpace can help you create, manage, and distribute all kinds of visual content, with a particular emphasis on 3D technology. XSpace strives to make AR/VR technologies more accessible and to revolutionize online shopping.

Stop by booth 647 to learn how you can automate the process of publishing product images and streamline your work with retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. You can change how you present information to clients by putting the powers of 3D and AR/VR to work for you!

Sellics - Booth 449

Today more than ever, having a strong presence on Amazon can transform your company for the better. That’s why Germany-based Sellics designed to be your all-encompassing method for success on Amazon, all while supporting international online business. Use Sellics to increase your web traffic, track your sales and numbers, and automate your PPC campaigns. Sellics boasts a 93 percent customer satisfaction rate, as well as an average rate of 42 percent increase in clients’ revenue. You can find them at booth 449. Maximize your Amazon presence with Sellics!

Content Cucumber - Booth 1047

Trade shows like IRCE invite lively discussion from people of all industries; you’ll want to share what you’ve learned and the new methods you’re going to implement going forward One of the best ways to get your ideas out there? Working with a team of writing pros!

Content Cucumber, located at booth #1047, gives companies a way to work with experienced writer and create customized content according to your exact specifications, on any topic you’d like. What better way to share the cutting-edge information you’ve learned at IRCE?