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Introducing our second Keynote Speaker!


Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor of Airbnb, June 26

Inter-Generational: Leveraging the Power of a New Workplace Diversity

In an age where workplaces may span up to five generations, and a broad set of skills, entrepreneur, bestselling author and hospitality industry giant Chip Conley has the unique experience of leadership positions across the continuum. Chip founded boutique hotel group Joie de Vivre Hotels at the age of 26 and was its CEO until selling the company in 2010. In 2013, at the age of 52, he joined Airbnb as head of global hospitality & strategy when he was sought out by the company’s Millennial CEO and co-founder for guidance in growing the fledgling enterprise.

Today, Chip serves as Airbnb’s strategic advisor for hospitality & leadership and is the founder of the world’s first midlife wisdom school, The Modern Elder Academy. Through his books, appearances and educational forums, his mission clarifies for business leaders of all ages why the intergenerational exchange of wisdom and skills is key to the success of the modern workplace and our society.