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This Year’s IRCE Workshops

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IRCE @ RetailX is offering 6 different workshops; each with amazing content. We want to give you an overview of the 6 workshops, so you can decide which is best for you to attend this year. Workshops are offered on the bookend days of the conference, Tuesday and Thursday, June 25 & 28, and require a workshop pass to attend. Make sure you register today for the workshops to ensure you don’t miss out!

June 25:

Innovation in Technology Workshop: Is Your Toolbox Up to the Task?

Whether a total systems overhaul is in the works or you want to ensure existing e-commerce technology is delivering all it can, it’s critical to stay up to date. This workshop will illustrate how consumers’ shifting expectations demand nimble underlying technology in the areas of digital innovations, e-commerce platforms, marketing tools, business intelligence and back-end solutions to guide next steps. The workshop dissects new ways to exploit traditional systems and explore emerging opportunities in new technology such as blockchain and microservices.

Amazon and Me

Building an e-commerce business within the Amazon ecosystem – whether selling as a vendor to Amazon wholesale (1P) or selling on the Marketplace (3P) – demands more than just knowing the rules and exploiting the tools. This daylong workshop showcases brands and experts who know how to capitalize on opportunities to acquire new customers, secure long-term loyalty, maintain a stellar online reputation and become an Amazon virtuoso while driving margin and profits. The workshop covers how to excel in the Amazon environment by leveraging all it offers in terms of collaboration.

New Recruit Boot Camp: Muscle Up to Grow 

In the military or at the gym, boot camps deliver short but intensive training with the goal of building fast improvements in skills and strength for beginners. IRCE’s New Recruit Boot Camp, back for its second year after a hit debut in 2018, does the same thing for retailers newer to e-commerce and out to learn fast. This workshop will round up what you need to do across different functional areas to keep a newer e-business in top condition. Attendees and speakers are encouraged to interact both during and after presentations in informal and real-time exchanges.

June 28:

Get Found Fast!  Search Tactics that Get Results

Organic and paid search engine marketing remains vital to a thriving e-commerce business.  What’s changed is consumers’ rising expectations to conduct search in new ways and different ways, through text keywords, image and voice. For online retailers, what’s new are emerging tools that let them acquire new shoppers and convert them on the spot. This workshop opens with strategy essentials.  Attendees will take away tactics, checklists and resources to sharpen search strategies and to learn new ways to extract value and insights from data gleaned from search.

Breakout Tactics for B2B Selling: E-Commerce for Industry

B2B e-commerce development has lagged that of B2C, but that’s changing fast as manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers move to seize the opportunity of this $3 trillion market. This workshop will highlight what the knowledge gained by B2C has to offer B2B e-commerce on the customer-facing side, in the back office and throughout the organization.

Website Design to Power Profits Workshop: Optimize the feel and flow to make the sell

Website design trends come and go, and each is worthy of examination if only to inspire new ideas, to try the untried and view challenges through a new lens. How to balance functionality and aesthetics against page load demands is no easy trick because shoppers expect a site to load in 2 seconds before they go elsewhere, and Google’s Speed Update of 2018 puts further demands on page load performance. This workshop is designed to help attendees decipher which enhancements are a good fit for them.