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Tips to Prepare for Cyber Monday


The concept of Cyber Monday is unbeatable; the deals are just as good as Black Friday but you can shop from the comfort of your own couch. Also similar to Black Friday is how quickly the best items are gone. Here are some tips and tricks to stay on top of Cyber Monday so you can get the best deals without missing out!


Wake up early! (Or stay up late): A majority of Cyber Monday deals start Monday, November 26 at midnight, so your options are to either stay up late on Sunday night, or set your alarm extra early for Monday morning. This will better your chances of getting the color, size, model, etc., of the item you are eyeing without it going out of stock first.


Follow your favorite retailers on social media: Most retailers are on social media these days and have a heavy social media presence. They are bound to post on one or more of their accounts what their deals are going to be and other details surrounding Cyber Monday. Stay up to date with their accounts so you don’t miss out on anything they want you to know.


Subscribe to retailers’ emails: Similar to social media, most retailers have an email list you can subscribe to, which typically can be found on their website. They are likely to release what their deals are going to be via email and when to watch for them. This can help save a lot time and stay on top of your favorite retailers.


Do your research on shipping fees and return policies ahead of time: Most retailers will offer free shipping on Cyber Monday as part of their deals, but this isn’t always the case. Do research ahead of time to make sure the deals you want to participate in are worth it. Fees for shipping can cause the discount on items to not be sensible to purchase. With this goes return policies, make sure you are aware ahead of time if an item is going to be final sale or not free to return.


BUDGET!: With all the sales going on at the same time, it will be easy to lose track of how much money you are spending. It may seem like you’re saving yourself money, but in the long run you may end up spending more than you anticipated. A good tip for budgeting is to set a certain amount aside on certain items. For example, set aside $100 for clothing and $150 for electronics. This way, you’re paying attention to how much you want to spend without going over.


IRCE is here to help organize all your Cyber Monday shopping with these simple tricks. We hope you find these beneficial so you aren’t missing out on any great deals. Happy shopping!